Packet Loss on UNII-3 channels (Apple MacBook Pro 2018)

  • 19 November 2020
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I'm having a packet loss problem with the MacBook  Pro 15 "2018 (Core i7 - many units) when I use the UNII-3 channels. I don't have this packet loss problem on our Dell Devices or any other using this channel plan. 

Would it be some adjustment that I have to make to be compatible? 


Ap Model: AP7532i



3 replies

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Hi Richard,

Sounds like a client-side capability issue to me, could be a much-needed wireless interface driver update. Did you check the RF stats on the AP with two device i.e. Dell and MacBook side by side to see if there is a difference in the fundamental RF parameter such as SNR, RSSI etc.?

In terms of WiFi settings:

1- What channel width, data rates, beacon interval are you using?  

2- Is the packet loss seen while roaming or you see it all the time even when the MacBook is not roaming about?

3- If the RF stats are the same for both Dell and MacBook, try to run the following command to check where the packets are being dropped:

service pktcap on drop interface radio 2 write tftp://<tftp-server-ip>/drop.pcap filter ether host <Client-MAC>







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Hello Ovais,

I am suspecting Layer 2 leaks from another RF-Domain on this same RF-Domain. APs are failing to communicate with the MiNT protocol. They do not report to VX and the connection is intermittent.

In this same office, there is a part where I have almost 30 APs with low power and there Roaming does not work properly. 

I will schedule a maintenance and post the feedback here.

Thank you for support!

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Any details around the following will help to evaluate the feedback that you will provide:

1- Deployment type i.e. single site, multi-site.

2- Do you have multiple RF-Domains on the same VLAN?

3- How is the MiNT implemented? VLAN based L1 or IP based L1/L2?