Wireles packet loss with virtual machines at bridge mode in WM2000

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Apr 24 2013 1:27PM

Hello!We have a WM2000 Wireless Controller with Altitude 350-2 Integrated Antenna Wireless AP and we've connected a notebook with a virtual machine at bridge mode to the wireless network. We are getting packet loss in both host and virtual machine as we are using one the other loses all the packets (if im on virtual machine the hosts loses all packets and vice-versa). I've searched the web, documentation and the WM2000 configuration but didn't find anything that may be related to this. Any idea why it's happening and how to solve it? Thanks in advance! (from Gustavo_Oliveira)

2 replies

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Create Date: Apr 24 2013 1:36PM

What about other wireless clients? Are they seeing packet loss too? (from ethernet)
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Create Date: Apr 24 2013 1:44PM

No. It doesn't happen to other wireless clients not using vmware in bridged mode.The strange thing is that only one (host or vm) seems to work in a specific time. As soon as one is pinging the other starts loosing packets meaning that only one is able to work at a time.It may be something related to the wireless card or maybe something with the wireless solution? (from Gustavo_Oliveira)