• 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Apr 3 2013 9:46PM

Redeploying our WM with a guest network -

We have our WM at a central office with branch offices that tunnel the guest vlan back to the WM. Whenever we enable the Captive portal DHCP stops responding to the clients.

The DHCP is configured on the WM and works perfectly when the CP is not enabled. The whitelist has the gateway of the guest network (being the WM).

Running version 5.4

Thanks! (from d3f_guy)

2 replies

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Create Date: Apr 4 2013 4:55PM

Do you have the built in firewall enabled in the controller? (from ethernet)
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Create Date: Apr 8 2013 3:34PM

Yea, it is completely disabled. Funny that it works 100% the moment I uncheck the Captive Portal option. (from d3f_guy)