Any incompatibility switch A2H124-24P, with some micro controller Ethernet.

  • 29 October 2014
  • 2 replies

I need to know if there is any incompatibility switch A2H124-24P, with some micro controller Ethernet? More specifically W5200

2 replies

What type of issues are you having?
Could you start by checking the command
show port advertise port#
See if these are the results you are expecting.
You may even want to try the command to see if there is a neg issue.

clear port advertise ge.x.x

1000t Advertises 1000BASE-T half duplex mode.
1000tfd Advertises 1000BASE-T full duplex mode.
100tx Advertises 100BASE-TX half duplex mode.
100txfd Advertises 100BASE-TX full duplex mode.
10t Advertises 10BASE-T half duplex mode.
10tfd Advertises 10BASE-T full duplex mode.

pause Advertises PAUSE for full-duplex links.


Jason, Thanks for the prompt reply.

I have an apparatus that uses the Ethernet controller W5200. To release a port on the switch to connect that device it simply is not recognized. I tried on other Cisco switches, for example, and had no problem.

Here's a link with information on the ETH Controller: