How to design robust DataCenter Interconnect Solutions

  • 11 September 2014
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By: Salvador Ferrer, Director, Solutions Architecture

Hello, it's been a while since we posted anything here. It's been a busy week drafting the future evolution of our our WebServices architecture. I hope they will allow me to share some of it with you once it passes the internal sanity check. I always use to ask some insane ideas so the internal review will be tough ;)

Let's see how it evolves, I'll keep you posted of anything I can share in advance.

But today's post is to remind you of an exciting event we sponsor on June 18th as part of our DataCenter launch: Ivan Pepelnjak, the man behind the blog ipspaces ( will deliver a technical webinar on how to design Robust Data Center Interconnect (DCI) Solutions.

Ivan is very well known and respected in the industry, especially by DC network designers. For sure a voice worth listening to, and he will talk about our datacenter solutions!!

I'll see you in the webinar:

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