Matrix X f/w 2.x IOMs crashing at 497 days of uptime

  • 5 September 2013
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Matrix X-Series, firmware through

IOMs are becoming unstable at 497 days of uptime. The 'ess' process is also crashing at this level of uptime, causing the IOM to restart.

In release, the linux kernel on the Matrix X was upgraded to version 2.6. Part of this upgrade was to resolve a previous 497 day bug that would destabilize the system. Unfortunately there is a bug remaining at the 497 day mark for the 'ess' process.

Upgrade to firmware or higher.
Release notes state, in the 'Issues Resolved in release' section:

After a system has been up for 497 days the ESS processes on each IOM and the
CM are very likely to terminate abnormally producing syslog messages similar
to the following:

essDistServer@iom2: [hh🇲🇲ss] x_lock.3 semTake(12000) failed 3997700
syslog@iom2: [mm🇲🇲ss] !! CID 58 [status = 0x803a1000]: x_lock.3
semTake(12000) failed 3997700 !!
kernel@iom2: Enterasys Crashlog: Fault detected, calling handler
kernel@iom2: --Enterasys System Error Logger: Crash detected--
kernel@iom2: Name = /ens/bin/ess
kernel@iom2: PID =
kernel@iom2: TGID =
kernel@iom2: Error code = 6

This is often immediately preceded by messages indicating an unexpected
spanning tree topology change. This can cause general network instability
while the modules are rebooting.

In lieu of installing this release that contains the fix for this issue the
problem can be worked around by scheduling a controlled system reset before
the system has been up for 497 days.[/code]

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