Monitoring LAG utilization with NetSight

  • 7 November 2014
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NetSight Console

Monitor the utilization of LAG ports with NetSight Console

  1. Right click on My Network folder in the device tree and select Add Device Group.
  2. Provide a name for this group. This group will be used to hold the LAG ports so that only these ports will be queried (this is a Port Element Group).
  3. Open the FlexView called Port utilization - Graph (in Console and below) or (Port Utilization in Percent in Console and above).
  4. Select the devices that have the LAG you wish to monitor.
  5. Change the Poll Frequency for the FlexView to zero so that the poll is only done once.
  6. Retrieve the information for the device by clicking on the green Retrieve button in the upper right.
  7. Once the retrieve is complete you will need to select the LAG ports in question, right click on them and select Add Port Elements to Group. Select the group that was created in step 2.
  8. Change to the General Controls tab.
  9. Make sure that the value for the n= field equals the number of ports in the Port Element group.
  10. If you want to export the data then change the Auto Export option in the Line Graph Contol tab. You can export to html or csv. The exported information will be placed into the following directory: < users home >\Application Data\NetSight\Exports Example: C:\Documents and Settings\maheu\Application Data\NetSight\Exports Now change the the Poll Frequency to the number of seconds that you want between polls. This will allow the FlexView to get the delta between 2 poll cycles to calculate how much traffic has passed over the interface. You can type any value that you wish here.
  11. Select the Port Element Group so that only those ports are queried.
  12. Click the Retrieve button. The FlexView will continue to poll for data until you tell it to stop (the client must be running for the poll to take place).
Note: If using the Port Utilization - Graph FlexView, the utilization will be displayed under the Total Octets column when viewing the Graph Data tab.

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