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7G4280-19/7G4282-41/4G4282-41 Will Not Boot with 7G-6MGBIC Installed

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Installed 7G-6MGBIC

Won't boot
"Function Name: lpbkDiag()"
"Initialization diagnostics failed"
"Device Name: Empire 2 - Tx DDR"
"Function Name: empMemDataLinesTest()"
"Switch chips initialization failed"
"The 7G-6MGBIC module in slot may be incompatible with the module it is installed in. Please contact customer support."

When a 7G-6MBGIC is installed into a 7G4282-41 or 4G4282-41 running firmware 4.00.50 or lower, the switch may not consistently complete the boot process to become fully operational, due to a power sequencing problem. This anomaly is intermittent, and may not be experienced.

The 7G4282-41 and 4G4282-41 will boot up fine without a 7G-6MGBIC installed, and the 7G-6MGBIC works fine when installed in other DFE types.

A boot failure for this reason will result in one of the following two sets of diagnostic error messages in a serial console session:
Running Initialization Diagnostics... FAILED
Device Name: Switch Ports
Test Name: Cnx Based Internal Serpentine 10/1000 Mbps PHY Lpbk
Test Result: Failed
Function Name: lpbkDiag()
Error Description: Timeout (loop=1, data=F0, block=0, port=0, len=1114).
Ucast pkt count error on MAC 4, port 5 (Rx=105, Tx=105).
Initialization diagnostics failed


Device Name: Empire 2 - Tx DDR
Test Name: Data Lines Test
Test Result: Failed
Function Name: empMemDataLinesTest()
Error Description: Unexpected Value Read
Failure Address: 0x00000000
Expected Data: 0x80000000
Read Data: 0x80c00000
Switch chips initialization failed

[/code]Though the diagnostic message may be similar, this is not the same issue as stated in 5216.

Please report occurrence of this issue to Enterasys Networks Technical Services.

To resolve this issue on the 7G4282-41 and 4G4282-41, you are required to utilize the 7G-6MGBIC-A or 7G-6MGBIC-B (12780) rather than the 7G-6MGBIC. The same restriction also applies to the 7G4280-19, first supported with firmware 5.14.04. For all other DFE switch types, you may utilize either the 7G-6MGBIC, 7G-6MGBIC-A, or 7G-6MGBIC-B.

To visually differentiate between these three uplink models, the 7G-6MGBIC has no identification printed on the front faceplate, but the 7G-6MGBIC-A and 7G-6MGBIC-B are clearly marked with their part numbers. The output of a 'show system hardware' query will also clearly differentiate between the three uplink model numbers.

A new message is present in firmware 4.05.07 and higher to warn if a 7G-6MGBIC (as opposed to 7G-6MGBIC-A/B or nothing) is installed into a 7G4282-41 or 4G4282-41, and in firmware 5.14.04 and higher to warn of the same condition for a 7G4280-19:
The 7G-6MGBIC module in slot may be incompatible with the
module it is installed in. Please contact customer support.

[/code]If triggered, this message will appear in both the bootup sequence (visible in a serial management session), and in the system Fault Log (5101).

  1. Remove the 7G-6MGBIC from the switch.
  2. As desired, install the 7G-6MGBIC into any other DFE switch model possessing a NEM slot; and/or remove the MGBICs from the 7G-6MGBIC and install them into any DFE switch model possessing a MGBIC slot.

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