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A4 f/w Newly-added Stack Unit's MGBIC Ports can Lose Link

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A4-Series; firmware through, through

Added a powered-up stack unit, with MGBICs installed and ethernet-linked in its SFP slots, to a running stack or standalone unit by interconnecting their stack cables (after issuing the 'set switch stack-port stack' command to activate the stack ports).
SFP slots are numbered 51 and 52 on a 48-port switch, 27 and 28 on a 24-port switch, and 19 and 20 on a 16-port switch.

The ethernet-linked MGBIC/SFP ports of the newly inserted member unit lose link.
Link loss is indicated via the port status LED (off), the CLI ("Oper Status Down" in a 'show port status'), and the lack of function (no longer passing traffic).

Upgrade to 6.61 firmware or higher.
Or, optionally upgrade to firmware or higher.

Pre-upgrade workaround:
To resolve occurrence: Power-cycle the newly stacked member unit.
To prevent occurrence: Form the stack before ethernet-linking the new member's MGBIC port(s). Though stacking a new unit while powered up will not harm it, standard procedure (7086) calls for the new unit to be powered down while connecting its stack cables.

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