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About Disabling Flow Control on the S/N/K-Series

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Matrix N-Series DFE

On these products as long as Flow Control is advertised it will continue to function - even when disabled.
Though this behavior is considered to be Functions as Designed (FAD), it is still counter-intuitive.

To disable Flow Control on a port:set port flowcontrol both disable
clear port advertise bpause[/code]
To re-enable Flow Control on a port:set port flowcontrol both enable
set port advertise bpause[/code]
To review the result, in either case:show port flowcontrol
show port advertise [/code]
Note that Flow Control - which uses IEEE 802.1x Pause frames - only applies to ports operating in Full Duplex mode. Half Duplex ports, on the other hand, use a transmitted collision signal to elicit a flow control effect on peer devices.

See also: 6835 and 15084.

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