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About the SecureStack Boot Menu Password

  • 5 September 2013
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SecureStack C3
SecureStack C2
Firmware 3.01.45 and higher
Firmware 2.01.22 and higher
SecureStack B3
SecureStack B2
SecureStack A2

Boot menu password
Default password
Changing Passwords

Per SecureStack C2 firmware 2.01.22 release notes, in the Firmware Changes and Enhancements section:
"The user will now be prompted for a password in order to access the boot menu. The minimum character length is 10, and the default password is "administrator". Once the menu is accessed, the user can change the password. With this fix, the boot code version has changed to 01.00.23.".

Per SecureStack C2 firmware 3.01.45 release notes, in the Firmware Changes and Enhancements section:
"When the reset button is pressed this will now clear the configured boot menu password as well as the configured login passwords.".

Both of these items apply to all SecureStack C3/B3/B2/A2 firmware releases.

How to change the boot menu password:
  1. Establish a serial console session to the SecureStack, per the instructions in 5463.
  2. Reset the SecureStack.
  3. Upon boot-up, type "2" when the below screen is presented in the CLI output. Enterasys C2-Series Boot Code... SDRAM Circuit Test of 256MB 100% Version 01.00.29 05-09-2005 Computing MD5 Checksum of operational code... Select an option. If no selection in 2 seconds then Operational code will start. 1 - Start operational code. 2 - Start Boot Menu. Select (1, 2):2[/code]
  4. From the Boot Menu, type "11" when the below screen is presented in the CLI output. You will need to enter the current boot menu password (default: administrator) before you will be allowed to change it. Password: ************* Boot Menu Version 01.00.29 05-09-2005 Options available 1 - Start operational code 2 - Change baud rate 3 - Retrieve event log using XMODEM (64KB). 4 - Load new operational code using XMODEM 5 - Display operational code vital product data 6 - Run Flash Diagnostics 7 - Update Boot Code 8 - Delete operational code 9 - Reset the system 10 - Restore Configuration to factory defaults (delete config files) 11 - Set new Boot Code password [Boot Menu] 11[/code]
  5. As requested, type the new password twice, then you are free to select another option. In this example, the boot process is resumed. Input New Password: ************* Input New Password for Verification: ************* Password changed... [Boot Menu] 1[/code]
See also: 5476.

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