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About the SecureStack C2 'copy-sw' & 'copy-fw' Commands

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Matrix C2
SecureStack C2
Firmware 3.00.50 and higher
Firmware 2.01.37 and lower

'set switch copy-fw'
'set switch copy-sw'

The original command set used to manually copy firmware from the Manager unit to any (or all) of the other units in a C2 stack was 'set switch copy-sw...'.

Due to the fact that the "copy software" command was being used to copy firmware (and was described in the help menu as being used to "load firmware file"), as of firmware version 3.00.50 the command was changed from 'copy-sw' ("copy software") to 'copy-fw' ("copy firmware") - with all other elements of the command set, as described below, remaining unchanged.

Making this change slightly more confusing, all Configuration Guide editions through "11-4-05" refer to only the original 'copy-sw' command.

The new command format is shown in this sample cli session:
C2(su)->set switch copy-fw ?

destination-system Specify destination switch to load firmware file.

C2(su)->set switch copy-fw destination-system ?

[u] Enter switch ID in the range of 1 to 8.

C2(su)->set switch copy-fw destination-system 2 ?

The SecureStack C2 (originally Matrix C2) uses either 'copy-sw' or 'copy-fw', depending on the firmware version.
The other SecureStack models use 'copy-fw' for all firmware versions.

The described SecureStack C2 command format is FAD (Functions as Designed).
The next SecureStack C2 Configuration Guide release will refer to the 'copy-fw' command rather than the 'copy-sw' command.

This command set is demonstrated in 5605, which is applicable to SecureStacks in general.

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