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Activating the Policy Feature on the D-Series

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Configure Policy.
Configure Policy licensing.

By default, the D-Series product line has no policy awareness. Policy may be enabled by activating the licensing.

* Firmware *

With initial release firmware, policy licensing is similar to how it is implemented on the SecureStacks (5781). That is, a "D2POL-LIC", "D2POL-LIC25", or "D2POL-LIC50" license must be Redeemed and Activated within the licensing portal, then installed into each intended D-Series switch.

Here is the CLI command format:
'set license INCREMENT D2Policy <database version> <expiration> <12-char license key> <12-char serial#>'.

* Firmware and higher *

With firmware and higher, policy functionality may be unlocked by issuing a shorter form of the 'set license' command, then agreeing to the terms defined in the cited licensing agreement. This is a much simpler method for the customer and eliminates the previously cumbersome method of deploying licenses.

A separate license still may need to be purchased (the license is included with all D-Series units shipped after Oct 1 2011), but the license is no longer tied to the serial number of the switch and does not need to be activated via the Web. There are still three Policy License part numbers:
  • D2POL-LIC - paper license to enable policy on one Enterasys D2 switch
  • D2POL-LIC25 - paper license to enable policy on 25 Enterasys D2 switches
  • D2POL-LIC50 - paper license to enable policy on 50 Enterasys D2 switches
The paper licenses (the new ones, as well as the older ones that refer customers to a website for enabling policy) are the customer's proof of purchase for enabling policy on their D-Series switches. For example, possession of both an old D2POL-LIC50 for activating 50 licenses via the website and a new D2POL-LIC50 for enabling policy on 50 switches via the new method allows a customer to enable policy on 100 D-Series switches (in total) via the new method.

Here is the CLI command format:
'set license D2Policy'.

Here is an example console session which enables and (as desired) re-disables the Policy feature: D2(su)->show license
D2Policy : status Inactive
D2(su)->show config policy

D2(su)->set license D2Policy

Terms of this license may be found at

Do you accept the terms of the applicable policy license (y/n) [n]?y
License successfully enabled
D2(su)->show license
D2Policy : status Active
D2(su)->show config policy

set policy maptable response tunnel

D2(su)->clear license featureId D2Policy
Clearing license
D2Policy license cleared
D2(su)->show license
D2Policy : status Inactive
D2(su)->show config policy

Attempting to use the old licensing method with firmware or higher will result in an error message: D2(su)->set license INCREMENT D2Policy 2008.0529 permanent AD0192878DAF 08210251902A
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Related release notes correction:

Firmware release notes state, in the 'Firmware Changes and Enhancements' section:
"Changes have been made to licensing validation. Customers must agree to the terms defined in the licensing agreement, but now policy functionality will be unlocked simply by issuing the set license command. Previously, users were required to obtain a MAC-based generated key on-line."

The phrase "MAC-based" is incorrect, and should instead state "Serial#-based".

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