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Applying Advanced Router licensing to the C5-Series

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Advanced router license cannot be applied.
"License did not validate"

On the C5-Series routing product, the use of certain router features (OSPF ECMP, PIM-SM, DVMRP, VRRP, and/or IPv6) require the purchase per switch and installation of an Advanced Router License. The Extended ACLs function identically to the Standard ACLs, and require no licensing.

Part# C5L3-LIC is not node-locked, and may be applied either individually for each standalone or stacked unit or globally for a stack of units using switching command 'set license...' as described in the C5-Series CLI Reference Guide:
C5(rw)->set license advrouter "0001:C5L3-LIC:2:4a76f2c8:0:Your Company Name Here:000E0C0973C5:150a9501:bec749e9ec095844d727a2db88a31514" unit 1 Validating license on unit 1
License successfully validated and set on unit 1
C5(su)->show license

License Type Unit Status Key
------------ ---- ------------ -----------------------------
advrouter 1 active 0001:C5L3-LIC:2:4a76f2c8:0:Your Company Name
When issuing the 'set license...' command, it is important to surround the license key with double-quotes (" ") as shown above. The presence of spaces embedded in the company name will otherwise spawn generic error message "License did not validate". There are other reasons for this message, but omission of double-quotes when required is the most common.

If no unit number is specified, the single 'set license' command will apply to all member units of the stack. This is the most typical - and convenient - means of applying a license. However, use of this form of the command is illegal unless a separate license has been purchased for each of the stacked units.

When adding a new unit to an existing stack, the ports on a switch lacking a licensed feature that has been enabled on the master will not pass traffic until the license has been enabled on the added switch. (The ports are in the "ConfigMismatch" state.) Licensed features can be enabled on a switch prior to adding the switch to a stack, and all members of the stack do not need to have the same key.

Note: In order to obtain the license key to be configured as described above, it is first necessary to redeem and activate your purchased license entitlement in "Enterasys Licensing" (10833). One C5L3-LIC must be purchased per C5 switch - not stack - to be licensed. As suggested by the appearance of the resulting license key shown above, activation uses the end customer's Company Name, rather than a stack unit's Serial# as with C3-Series licensing.

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