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Applying Advanced Router licensing to the SecureStack C2/C3

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SecureStack C3
SecureStack C2


'set license'
'license advanced'

Advanced router license cannot be applied
"The Entitlement Id entered does not exist in the licensing system."
"No match for serial number"
"% Invalid input detected at '^' marker."
"License did not validate"

On the SecureStack C2/C3 routing products, the use of certain router features (OSPF ECMP, PIM-SM, DVMRP, and/or VRRP) require the purchase and installation of an Advanced Router License. The Extended ACLs function identically to the Standard ACLs, and require no licensing.

An Advanced Router License may be purchased in one of two forms:
  • Part# C3L3-LIC is compatible with SecureStack C3 firmware, is node-locked, and must be applied individually for each standalone or stacked unit using switching command 'set license INCREMENT...' as described in the C3 - SecureStack Configuration Guide: C3(rw)->set license INCREMENT advrouter 2007.0109 permanent abcdefg123456789 012345678901 Validating license on unit 1 License successfully validated and set on unit 1 C3(rw)->show license unit 1 key: INCREMENT advrouter 2007.0109 permanent abcdefg123456789 012345678901 status: Active C3(rw)-> [/code]SecureStack C3 firmware would be expected to be used for a C3 standalone unit, or all units of a C3 stack.
    Note1: In order to obtain the license key to be configured as described above, it is first necessary to redeem your purchased license entitlement in "Enterasys Licensing" (10833). Note2: The 'set license' command must use an upper-case serial number, though the license string/file itself may display the serial number as lower-case. The command will not be accepted unless the typed serial number matches to both the serial number encrypted into the license key during Activation, and to the actual serial number of a switch within the managed stack; or error message "No match for serial number <serial#>" will be issued. Exception: If the "ID_STRING=" serial number prefix is used when Activating a license (10833), the serial number as displayed in the resulting license string/file will in all cases have any letters displayed as upper-case - eliminating the case sensitivity confusion though not the case sensitivity itself. Note3: If the 'set license' command for the C3L3-LIC is applied to a SecureStack C2 the error message "% Invalid input detected at '^' marker." will be issued. This may, for instance, be attempted because there is no Eval router licensing for the C2. It is instead necessary to purchase a C2L3-LIC and apply it as stated in the next section of this document. Note4: If a license is applied to any units in the stack, it must be applied to all units in the stack. Otherwise, some units will not join the stack because of a mismatched feature.
  • Part# C2L3-LIC is compatible with SecureStack C2 firmware, is not node-locked, and must be applied globally for a standalone or stack using router command 'license advanced...' as described in the C2 - SecureStack Configuration Guide: C2(rw)->router C2(rw)->router>enable C2(rw)->router#config Enter configuration commands: C2(rw)->router(Config)#license advanced abcdefg123456789 C2(rw)->router(Config)#exit C2(rw)->router#show license license advanced abcdefg123456789 C2(rw)->router#exit C2(rw)->router>exit C2(rw)-> [/code]SecureStack C2 firmware would be expected to be used for a C2 standalone unit, all units of a C2 stack, or all units of a mixed C2/C3 stack. Support for a mixed stack requires firmware 5.00.28 or higher.
    Note1: If you attempt to redeem a C2L3-LIC in "Enterasys Licensing" (10833), the portal will generate error message "The Entitlement Id entered does not exist in the licensing system.". Note2: If you attempt to apply a C2L3-LIC using the C3L3-LIC configuration procedure as described above, the switch cli will generate error message "License did not validate".
See also: 5834.

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