B3 f/w with "Could not attach the Policy" Error when configuring DiffServ

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B3-Series; firmware,

Configuring Diffserv (5848) to perform a class match to an IP-related parameter.

Unable to add the Diffserv service to any ports.
The 'set diffserv service add...' command fails, with error message "Could not attach the policy".
A "code No resources for operation" error appears in syslog ('show logging buffer'); for example:<163>Dec 15 20:50:33 UPN[117221976]: broad_policy.c(1573) 509 %%
Error creating port policy 20 for unit 2,port 4, code No resources
for operation[/code]Here are two examples of such a configuration: set diffserv adminmode enable
set diffserv class create all classDstip
set diffserv class match dstip classDstip
set diffserv policy create policyDstip in
set diffserv policy class add policyDstip classDstip
set diffserv policy mark ipdscp policyDstip classDstip ef
set diffserv service add in ge.2.1 policyDstip

set diffserv adminmode enable
set diffserv class create all classVoice
set diffserv class match iptos classVoice b8 ff
set diffserv policy create policyPhones in
set diffserv policy class add policyPhones classVoice
set diffserv policy mark ipdscp policyPhones classVoice ef
set diffserv service add in ge.1.1-48 policyPhones[/code]Cause
There is a conflict between Diffserv and the possibility of configuring for IPv6, as this would use the same hardware resources.
This Diffserv issue is similar to the Policy issue outlined in 14999.

Upgrade to firmware or higher.
Release notes state, in the 'Changes and Enhancements in' section:
Corrected an issue that prevented DiffServ application policies from being applied to hardware. Previously a "set diffserv service add" command resulted in the message, "Could not attach the Policy".

The system now allows the actual configuration of either Diffserv or IPv6 but not both, with either of these error messages possible:
Error, access list ipv6mode is enabled.

Diffserv is already configured on the device, please clear Diffserv to configure ipv6mode.

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