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Backslash cannot be used when Creating a Login Account

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Backslash cannot be used when creating a login account
'set system login'
'show system login'

If the superuser attempts to create a new login account name which contains the backslash ("\") character, that character will be ignored when generating the new DFE user account.

For instance:

Matrix N3(su)->set system login test\test01 super-user password test0123 enable
Matrix N3(su)->show system login

Password history size: 0
Password aging : disabled

Username Access State

admin super-user enabled
ro read-only enabled
rw read-write enabled
testtest01 super-user enabled
Matrix N3(su)->[/code]
If this same procedure is used on the SecureStacks, the 'set system login' command will silently fail, and a subsequent 'show system login' will demonstrate that no new login account has been created.

Functions as Designed (FAD)

The attempted use of a backslash character as part of a login account name is not a valid condition, and should be avoided.

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