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C2-Series f/w Reboots with 'r(0): Error code 0x00000000' message

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C2-Series, firmware and higher

Unit reset.
The current.log (5487) records an event with either no or corrupt BackTrace,
and containing last switch reset reason "r(0): Error code 0x00000000".

For example:<57> NOV 02 17:48:11 2010 STK1 BOOT[268430848]: bootos.c(1338) 62 %%
Start of Code - Build: Date:Tue Aug 24 10:09:18 2010
BackTrace-check sum corrupt
<110> NOV 02 17:49:13 2010 STK1 BOOT[179868216]: edb_bxs_api.c(630) 64 %%
Last switch reset caused by r(0): Error code 0x00000000, after 0 second[/code]Solution
Under investigation.
Please contact the GTAC for assistance.

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