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C2RPS-SYS Redundant Power Supply status is not Viewable in MIBs

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SecureStack C3, firmware and lower
SecureStack C2, firmware and lower
SecureStack B3, firmware and lower
SecureStack B2, firmware and lower
SecureStack A2, all firmware

C2RPS-SYS redundant power supply status is not viewable in MIBs

For the C3, upgrade to firmware or higher.
For the C2, upgrade to firmware or higher.
For the B3, upgrade to firmware or higher.
For the B2, upgrade to firmware or higher.
For the A2, no change is expected.

Release notes state:
Power Supply & Fan Monitoring via SNMP enables visibility to potential hardware issues that could affect network availability. The early view enables administrators to proactively address hardware issues and ensure business continuity.

The MIB information retrieved per 12456 and identified as power supply instance 2 represents the RPS external power supply (5741) for the stack unit in question.

Pre-upgrade workarounds:
  1. Issue the '[code]show system[/code]' command, using 5741 as a guide to the various values of the [code]PS2-Status[/code] field and their interpretations.
  2. Enable syslogging, which includes power status change messages (7130).
  3. Enable traps, which with later firmware includes [code]etsysPsePowerNotification[/code] traps (7130).

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