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C3/B3-Series has OSPF Errors and Won't Boot after Upgrade from pre-6.03 to 6.61 Firmware

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Upgraded from pre-6.03 firmware (in the range of 1.00.78 through directly to firmware or higher.

Though release notes, KB 14480, and KB 14711 recommend against this, the only expected symptom is possible configuration loss.
But in addition, such a direct upgrade could leave the unit unable to boot, as explained further below.

The upgraded uniit will no longer fully boot up.
It continually reboots.

Pre-diagnosis, while the unit is still failing to boot, an error sequence similar to what is shown below may be seen in a serial console session. Details will vary, but the common elements citing task "OSPF mapping Task" and "File:ospf_migrate.c Line:236 Component:27" should be present. The issue has nothing to do with whether or not OSPF is actually configured.
Task ID: 0xc10d470
Task Name: OSPF mapping Task
PC: 0x1305924
PendQ: 0xc0fbcc4
SP: 0xc10ce90

0x1305924: semCTake (0x13057a0) + 0x184
0x130659c: semTake (0x1306424) + 0x178
0x6e65260 (Cnfgr_Thread ): memPartFree: invalid block 0xdc34820 in partition 0x22243f0
0xbfad2e0 (ipMapProcessingTask): memPartFree: invalid block 0xdc34820 in partition 0x22243f0
0x6e65260 (Cnfgr_Thread ): memPartFree: invalid block 0xdc34820 in partition 0x22243f0
<160>Aug 1 14:34:05 OSAPI[202429552]: osapi.c(2636) 181 %File:ospf_migrate.c Line:236 Component:27
<160>Aug 1 14:34:05 SIM[202429552]: osapi.c(2637) 182 % Error(0xdc27c74)
Last switch reset caused by osapi.c(2637): Error code 0x0dc27c74, after 123 second
l7_prepareSystemDump(1370): Task OSPF mapping Task(0xc10d470) is suspended with error 2[/code]Post-diagnosis, after the unit has been recovered and is again operating properly, the current.log (5487) will contain a diagnostic sequence similar to what is shown below. Note that the two examples are taken from different units.
<57> OCT 26 04:47:05 2012 STK1 BOOT[268430848]: bootos.c(689) 123 %%
Start of Code - Build: Date:Tue Feb 12 16:08:47 2008
<110> OCT 26 05:05:07 2012 STK1 BOOT[197169680]: edb_bxs_api.c(352) 127 %%
Last switch reset caused by power cycle
<57> OCT 26 05:27:21 2012 STK1 BOOT[268430624]: loadapp.c(771) 65 %%
Boot Flash updated from version 01.00.40 to 01.00.53
<57> OCT 26 05:27:59 2012 STK1 BOOT[268430624]: bootos.c(1360) 66 %%
Start of Code - Build: Date:Wed Jul 25 18:46:35 2012
<160>Oct 26 05:28:38 OSAPI[197060928]: osapi.c(2668) 69 %%
File:ospf_migrate.c Line:236 Component:27
<160>Oct 26 05:28:38 SIM[197060928]: osapi.c(2669) 70 %% Error(0xd72f57c)
<110> OCT 26 05:29:02 2012 STK1 BOOT[135896664]: edb_bxs_api.c(778) 70 %%
User initiated last switch reset on unit 1, after 1414 seconds
Task OSPF mapping Task(0xbbee940) is suspended with error 2, creating file sysDmp1Oct2612.z
<57> OCT 26 05:29:51 2012 STK1 BOOT[268430624]: bootos.c(1360) 72 %%
Start of Code - Build: Date:Wed Jul 25 18:46:35 2012[/code]Solution/Workaround
Use serial management to enter the boot menu, and restore the unit's configuration to factory defaults (see the solution in 9673).
Then, if a 6.61 configuration is not available as a new starting point, any desired configuration will need to be re-entered manually.

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