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C5/B5/A4 f/w Loses Host Communication in VRRP Environment

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C5-Series, firmware
B5-Series, firmware
A4-Series, firmware

Placed the C5/B5/A4 unit into a VRRP environment.

The unit's switch-host cannot IP communicate with (e.g. PING) VRRP-enabled routers.
Detecting "MAC Moves" of the VRRP MAC address, and potentially seeing movedaddrtrap trap events.
Switch-host IP communication with devices other than VRRP-configured routers works fine.

The unit is sending the router ARP packets, or replying to the router's ARP packets, using the router's MAC address as both destination and source. The lack of IP/MAC resolution prevents host IP communication with the router, and the router's source MAC address encountered from an unexpected direction leads to detected MAC movement.

Upgrade to firmware or higher.
Release notes state, in the 'Changes and Enhancements in' section:



Corrected an issue where a switch exposed to VRRP traffic, may respond to an ARP request for its own host IP address, with the MAC address of the VRRP Virtual IP address. This issue was first introduced in release and may result in network connectivity problems.

Pre-upgrade workaround:
On the router, configure a static ARP entry for the affected unit.
On the unit, avoid the use of the affected firmware version.
On the router, disable VRRP.

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