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C5/B5-Series Notice regarding Initial Firmware Release

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C5-Series, B5-Series; firmware,,

Purchased a C5 or B5 but have not upgraded its firmware version.

The unit is not operating correctly.

C5 and B5 Series units purchased within the first few months of product release (latter half of 2010) are running an early firmware image (confirmable via a '
show version
' command), which is now known to have issues and should be upgraded.

Customers who receive these products should immediately download the latest (6.42.xx.xxxx or higher) firmware release version from the web (C5/B5) and install it (5605), to assure that they are running with the latest firmware with all the latest patches.

This recommendation is reinforced by a warning message displayed instead of offering a web download of any of the 6.41.xx.xxxx firmware line (also including,,, and - though release notes remain downloadable:
[code]Please Note:[/code]
Access to the firmware requires special privileges. If you need access to the files for this release please contact the
[code]Enterasys GTAC[/code]

Only after this firmware upgrade should customers attempt to use the new unit or troubleshoot any observed functional problem. The only exception to this is if the unit is not sufficiently operative to accept a new firmware image.

Contact the GTAC for assistance, as necessary.

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