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Cannot Backup Configuration on Securestack

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SecureStack C3, C2, B3, B2, A2

Cannot back up the configuration using TFTP.

A SecureStack may be in a state whereby it is not possible to backup a configuration using TFTP (5623). This condition will impact CLI-originated backups ('copy configs tftp...') as well as Enterasys' network management software such as Inventory manager and Netsight Atlas Console.

The failure could be caused by a manufacturing error that left a flash-based file which has consumed all of the flash space. To determine the amount of available flash memory, issue the following command (5894):
    C2(su)->show system utilization storage Storage Utilization: Type Description Size(Kb) Available (Kb) ---------------------------------------------------------- RAM RAM device 262144 93959 Flash Images, Config, Other 0 0 C2(su)->[/code]
The last line in the display indicates there is no flash available. Since the configuration is written to flash before it is sent to the TFTP server, it cannot be backed up.

Please contact Enterasys Networks Technical Services for assistance.

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