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Capturing SecureStack Error Messages in the Logging Buffer and Syslog

  • 3 December 2013
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SecureStack C3, C2, B3, B2, A2

The following commands will help to troubleshoot issues by setting up to send debug-level messages to the logging buffer and to the syslog server: set logging default severity 8
set logging local console enable file enable
set logging server 1 ip-addr severity 8 state enable[/code]Here are some captured sample messages showing the presence of bad fans.
  • Output of a 'show logging buffer' command on the SecureStack: G 13 11:43:36 SIM[211623168]: bootos.c(2488) 784 %% Fan iled. G 13 11:43:36 SIM[211623168]: bootos.c(2488) 785 %% Fan iled.[/code]
  • Stored in the syslog server: false Critical --- 08/13 10:55:23 AM --- --- Event --- SIM[211623168]: bootos.c(2488) 799 %% Fan 1 has failed.[/code]
Since raised logging levels can over time destabilize a stack, after testing you should return the logging levels to no higher than 6.

See also: 5743.

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