Changing Source Address Time-out on Switches and Bridges

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NetSight Element Manager

When you change 1 port on a switch/bridge to the maximum of 14400 seconds, all ports are changed to that setting.

The SAT never really flushes if set to the maximum of 14400 seconds. This could cause connection problems with your users.

There are 2 places in NetSight Element Manager where you can change this time-out. They are:

1. In Chassis Manager, click on Device on top menu bar, then Bridge Status, Then a specific port, then Source Addressing. The time-out is now available for changes.

2. In Chassis Manager, click on a specific port on the board, click on source addressing. This also allows you change the time-out.

You are also able to change this time-out by using the Mib Tools located under the Utilities menu. The location of the Mib is:

dot1dTpAgingTime located at

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