Configure SNTP on a SecureStack

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Sample configuration

Here is an example "Simple Network Time Protocol" (5855) configuration to set a SecureStack to poll the time server (IP every hour, assume the US Eastern Standard Time zone, and automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time (year 2007+) during the summer. #sntp
set sntp client unicast
set sntp poll-interval 10
set sntp poll-retry 5
set sntp server

set summertime enable
set summertime recurring second Sunday March 02:00 first Sunday November 02:00 60

set timezone 'est' -5 0[/code]For more about the 'summertime' command set, see 5829.
For more about the poll-interval, see 9843.

For more about all of the referenced command sets, please refer to the SecureStack Configuration Guide appropriate to your hardware model and firmware version.
Also see this HowTo Video which demonstrates SNTP configuration on a C5-Series.

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