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Configuring a Trap Notification Filter on the N-Series DFE

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Configure a trap notification filter
Disable specific trap types
Sample configuration

Can't disable trap
'set snmp notifyfilter'
'set snmp notifyprofile'

Some - but not all - trap types may be individually controlled via cli. This document explains how to, as desired, use SNMP configuration to selectively disable trap types that are not otherwise controllable.

The last two lines of this example configuration will exclude the generation of traps of type "ospfIfConfigError" (OID=
DFE(rw)->set snmp notify 1 tag mytrap
DFE(rw)->set snmp targetaddr myaddr param myparam taglist mytrap
DFE(rw)->set snmp targetparams myparam user public security-model v1 message-processing v1
DFE(rw)->set snmp notifyfilter OSPF subtree excluded
DFE(rw)->set snmp notifyprofile OSPF targetparam myparam

[/code]This command set is discussed in Chapter 4 of the MATRIX DFE - PLATINUM Configuration Guide.

The necessary numeric OID string may be determined by starting with the trap name as stated in firmware release notes, and then locating that name using a MIB Browser (such as NetSight Atlas Console) opened against the device you wish to configure.

See also: 5116 and 5390.

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