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Configuring Daylight Savings Time on the SecureStacks

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'show summertime'
'set summertime'

Configure Daylight Savings Time
Sample configuration

SecureStack products have no default Daylight Savings Time settings. Any such functionality requires the use of SNTP polling (5571) plus manual configuration as explained in this document. The 'set timezone' command must also typically be used to accommodate the fact that SNTP provides no native Time Zone functionality.

This section applies to the USA, and to any country which follows the same Daylight Savings Time guidelines.

As scheduled through the year 2006, Daylight Savings Time in the United States starts at 2 AM on the first Sunday in April, and ends at 2 AM on the last Sunday in October.

Beginning in the year 2007, Daylight Savings Time in the United States has been extended, so starts at 2 AM on the second Sunday in March (for an additional three weeks of DST), and ends at 2 AM on the first Sunday in November (for an additional one week of DST).
To configure:
SecureStack>set summertime enable
SecureStack>set summertime recurring second Sunday March 02:00 first
Sunday November 02:00 60
SecureStack>save config
Saving Configuration to stacking members
[/code]The summertime commands, as part of the device configuration, are persistent (5482).

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