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Configuring Rate Limiting on the N-Series DFE

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Matrix N-Series DFE, firmware and lower

Configure rate limiting.
Sample configuration.

'set port ratelimit'

As described in the Matrix DFE Configuration Guide, the ratelimit command has the format:
set port ratelimit {disable | enable} |
{disable | enable} [inbound | outbound] [[i]]

[/code]The 'threshold' is stated in kilobytes per second, within the range of 125 through the maximum rate for the port.

Here is an example of a one-port rate limit of 30 Megabits per second (30 million bits per second divided by 8 thousand bits per second = 3750), applied bi-directionally to all traffic priorities:
DFE(rw)->set port ratelimit enable
DFE(rw)->set port ratelimit fe.1.1 0-7 3750 enable

[/code]Note that Inbound and Outbound rate limiting is more typically applied using the cos/policy commands, by means of NetSight Policy Manager.

See also: 13816.

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