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Configuring SecureStack CiscoDP for VLAN Advertisement to IP Phones

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SecureStack C3
Firmware 1.00.35 and higher
SecureStack C2
Firmware 5.00.28 and higher
SecureStack B3
Firmware 1.00.29 and higher
SecureStack B2
Firmware 4.00.22 and higher
SecureStack A2
Firmware and higher

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IP Phone

Sample configuration

CiscoDP may be used to communicate VLAN information to an attached IP Phone, when configured as shown below.


set ciscodp state enable


set ciscodp timer 10


set ciscodp port status enable vvid

<[code]vlan_ID[/code]> <[code]port_string[/code]>

The reduced timer setting is so that the phone will know of its intended VLAN before it attempts DHCP. It will thus specify the proper VLAN in its 802.1Q tags, for all its communication. The untagged data from any phone-attached PC will be unaffected by this configuration, and will use the port's PVID setting for its VLAN assignment.

For more CiscoDP configuration options, please refer to the Configuration Guide.

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