Converting G/D/C/B-Series Overtemp Threshold Percentages to Temperature Readings

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G-Series, firmware and higher
D-Series, firmware and higher
C5-Series, all firmware
C3-Series, firmware and higher
C2-Series, firmware and higher
B5-Series, all firmware
B3-Series, firmware and higher
B2-Series, firmware and higher

Convert a thermal threshold percentage (11747) to an equivalent temperature reading.

The thermal percentages actually indicate how close the sensor readings are to the maximum rating for the entire switch, and are not convertible to ambient temperature.

Because some thermal sensors are located near components that can run hot, an absolute temperature reading could result in a temperature beyond the ambient temperature limits that are published in the Installation Guides. Approximating ambient temperature is not practical because factors other than the environment (such as task loading, air flow, etc.) play a part in the sensor reading.

The general recommendation is to set a thermal threshold in the 65%-75% range. If the alarm is triggered, check the fans and the physical location (for air-flow obstructions or the wiring closet ambient temperature) to identify and remedy the cause of the alert. Setting the threshold too low could result in unnecessary false alarms.

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