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D-Series Dropping Telnet Sessions

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D-Series, firmware and lower

Established a Telnet session to the switch host.

The Telnet session drops, possibly while the user is typing into the CLI.
The Telnet session worked for awhile, then failed.
The length of time a session lasts before being dropped is random.

Below is an example of what a user might see. In this case the user was in the middle of typing a 'show port status' command when the Telnet session was lost.
    D2(su)->show port s Connection to host lost C:\Documents and Settings\myuser>[/code]


This is due to the presence of a large number of ARP packets being forwarded.

Upgrade to firmware or higher, then utilize the CPU Rate Limiting 'hostprotect' command set as explained in 11765.

Pre-upgrade workaround: Restart the Telnet session, or use SSH or the Serial console.

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