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D-Series Power Brick Clarifications

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Clarification regarding the D-Series power brick capabilities and the D-Series switch power requirements.

Every D-Series switch ships with the appropriate power brick included:
  • The D2G124-12 non-PoE switch ships with a non-PoE power brick (D2-PWR).
  • The D2G124-12P PoE switch ships with a PoE power brick (D2-PWR-POE). This is a 130 watt power source that is capable of delivering 95 watts of PoE power to the D2G124-12P switch ports (e.g. 15.4 watts on six ports, 7.9 watts on all 12 ports, or other combinations not exceeding 95 watts).
A second power brick can be added to either switch model for redundant power, but it must be the same type of power brick (one cannot use a D2-PWR with a D2-PWR-POE). The power bricks are not load-sharing. One power brick will be used to power the switch while the other just stays in stand-by mode in case the primary power brick fails.

A confusing factor is that the D2G124-12P switch has power inputs for either a PoE brick or a non-PoE brick (the power input ports are keyed differently so one cannot plug a PoE power supply into the non-PoE input and vice versa). The non-PoE power input ports on the D2G124-12P allow the PoE device to be used as a non-PoE device. If the user connects a D2-PWR non-PoE power brick to the D2G124-12P, this is supported but the switch loses all PoE capabilities.

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