Determining the SecureStack switch Unit# / Serial# associations

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Determine the SecureStack switch unit# / serial# associations
Determine which physical SecureStack switch is the stack manager
Determine each SecureStack stack unit number, model, serial number, and manager role

Even if a stack is built one unit at a time so that the top (or bottom) switch is unit 1 with the Manager role, and each successive unit corresponds with the next physical unit in the stack; after the fact it is not readily apparent how to check these unit# / serial# associations, and/or how to determine the serial number of the stack Manager switch.


Method 1

Use the 'show version' command to list all stacked switch models/serial#s in unit# order, then use the 'show switch' command to list all stacked switch models/unit#s in unit# order.

The combination of these two outputs provides the necessary information to determine, for each stack unit#: the switch model & serial number, and its manager/member role in the stack.

For instance, given this information...
A2(rw)->show version

Copyright (c) 2005 by Enterasys Networks, Inc.

Model Serial # Versions
-------------- ----------------- -------------------

A2H124-48 06142414910B Hw:BCM5655 REV 18

A2H124-48 06142405910B Hw:BCM5655 REV 18

A2(rw)->show switch
Management Preconfig Plugged-in Switch Code
Switch Status Model ID Model ID Status Version
------ ------------ ------------- ------------- --------------------- --------
1 Stack Member A2H124-48 A2H124-48 OK 01.03.17
3 Mgmt Switch A2H124-48 A2H124-48 OK 01.03.17
...we know that
A2H124-48 s/n 06142414910B is member unit 1, and
A2H124-48 s/n 06142405910B is manager unit 3.

Method 2

While you are within visual distance of the stack, establish a serial console session (5463) with the manager switch (green MGR LED) or telnet to the stack's IP address (if you know it). Issue a series of 'show switch 1', 'show switch 2' (etc) commands. In response to each command, the MGR LED of that switch will blink for 10 seconds, and within the text output on the screen will display 'Management Status: Management Switch' (MGR LED is normally green) or 'Management Status: Stack Member' (MGR LED is normally off). Read the serial numbers from the backs of the units.

Method 3

Establish a serial console session (5463), one at a time, on each switch's COM port. The switch assuming the manager role (green MGR LED) will display its unit number and then allow serial access for stack management. The other switches will only display their unit number (e.g. "(Unit1)>"). Read the serial numbers from the backs of the units.

See also: 5751.

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