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DFE Netflow Not Working on Routed LAGs unless Physical Ports are Enabled

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Matrix N-Series DFE, firmware 5.31.17 through

Configured Netflow reporting for LAG ports.

Netflow does not report on flows routed across a LAG port.

Upgrade to firmware or higher.

Release notes state, in the 'Software Changes and Enhancements' section:NETFLOW
Netflow now always reports routed flows ingressing a LAG
port when the LAG port is enabled using the CLI command
"set netflow port enable". Previously you
needed to enable the underlying physical ports that were
members of the Link Aggregation Group.[/code]
Pre-upgrade workaround: Enable both the LAG port, and the underlying physical ports, in Netflow.

See also: 7202 and 7485.

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