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DFE's SNMP MIB Walk Runs Slow when encountering TimeFiltered OIDs

  • 3 December 2013
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Matrix N-Series

Performing an SNMP MIB walk.

High CPU utilization.

Some OIDs such as... lldpRemEntry=1.0.8802. (ieee/lldp-mib)
dot1qVlanCurrentEntry= (ietf/Q-BRIDGE-MIB)
ptopoConnEntry= (ietf/PTOPO-MIB)
ctDot1qVlanForbidEgressPorts= (ctron-q-bridge-mib-ext)
ctCDPNeighborEntry= (ctron-cdp-mib)
ctAliasEntry= (ctron-alias-mib)[/code] ...take a long time to parse.

These OIDs are time-filtered, so per the RFCs (e.g. RFC3512, RFC4502) must return entries for all valid timeMarks.

The SNMP browser should understand the behavior of a timeFiltered MIB and move on after seeing the timeFilter index increment. However, not all browsers behave in this manner.

Ensure you are using an appropriate SNMP tool - such as NetSight MIB tools - that behaves correctly.

DFE firmware introduced a new command which can accommodate SNMP browsers that are not timeFilter-aware.

Release notes state, in the "Software Changes and Enhancements" section:A new SNMP control, "set snmp timefilter break", allows users to configure the
GET-NEXT behavior of MIBs indexed with timeMark. When this is set to 'enabled',
SNMP will not return incrementing index values. Many SNMP tools do not properly
support timefiltered MIBs and will benefit from this new setting. When disabled,
SNMP returns RFC conformant indexing.[/code]
Here is the command syntax, as seen in a sample cli session: NSeries(rw)->set snmp timefilter

Command: set snmp Create SNMP agent entries

Object: timefilter SNMP timefilter configuration
Usage: set snmp timefilter break {disable | enable}

break Set SNMP timefilter break (default: disabled)
disable Disable timefilter break
enable Enable timefilter break
Pre-upgrade workaround:
In the SNMP configuration, exclude (5610) the lldpRemEntry, dot1qVlanCurrentEntry,ptopoConnEntry, ctDot1qVlanForbidEgressPorts, ctCDPNeighborEntry, and ctAliasEntrybranches from the visible MIB Tree: set snmp view viewname All subtree 1
set snmp view viewname All subtree 0.0
set snmp view viewname All subtree 1.0.8802. excluded
set snmp view viewname All subtree excluded
set snmp view viewname All subtree excluded
set snmp view viewname All subtree excluded
set snmp view viewname All subtree excluded
set snmp view viewname All subtree excluded[/code]

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