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DFE Switch Won't Boot after 7G-6MGBIC(-A) is installed

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Installed 7G-6MGBIC(-A)

Expansion module not recognized
Uplink not being seen by local management
No connectivity through gigabit uplink
Continually reboots
"Empire Initialization Failed"
Won't boot
"Cnx Based Internal Serpentine 10/1000 Mbps PHY Lpbk"
"Function Name: lpbkDiag"

If a 7G-6MGBIC(-A) is improperly installed, a DFE switch either may not properly boot, or will not properly recognize the 7G-6MGBIC(-A) ports.

The following three sets of symptoms have been observed, though this should not be considered to be an all-inclusive list:
  • The host switch fully boots, but the 7G-MGBIC(-A) ports are not listed in the results of a 'show port' command, and they do not function. [/code]
  • The host switch enters a constant reboot cycle, with the error message Empire Initialization Failed [/code]
  • The host switch fails to fully boot, with the error sequence Running Initialization Diagnostics... FAILED. Device Name: Switch Ports Test Name: Cnx Based Internal Serpentine 10/1000 Mbps PHY Lpbk Test Result: Failed Function Name: lpbkDiag() Error Description: Timeout (loop=1, data=012, block=0, port=0, len=64). Ucast pkt count error on MAC 2, port 0 (Rx=0, Tx=0).[/code]
If any boot anomalies or 7G-6MGBIC(-A) functionality issues are seen, after recently installing a 7G-6MGBIC(-A) or its host DFE switch, check the installation of the 7G-MGBIC(-A):
  1. Remove the DFE switch from the chassis (using proper removal procedure 5036)
  2. Using ESD (electro-static discharge) precautions, examine the two rectangular black connectors where the 7G-6MGBIC(-A) connects electrically with the host switch's circuit board
  3. Ensure that these connectors are fully engaged and locked
  4. Ensure that the three securing screws are properly seated
  5. Reinstall the DFE switch into the chassis
See also: 5352.

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