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Enabling Advanced Routing features on the Matrix N-Series

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Matrix N-Series


Advanced routing license
License Key
Sample configuration

"Advanced feature activation key required. Contact your system vendor for details."

In order to enable advanced routing protocols such as OSPF, DVMRP, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, Extended ACLs, TWCB, and NAT; you must purchase and activate an Advanced Routing License, as stated in the Platinum and Gold Matrix DFE Configuration Guides.

Note that of this feature list, Standard ACLs are available in the absence of the license.

Supported features/commands are visible in the cli, and unsupported/unlicensed features/commands are not.

If you wish to purchase an Advanced Routing License, contact Enterasys Networks Sales, and ask about part number N-EOS-L3. You will need one for each DFE chassis requiring the named advanced features.

When an Advanced Routing License key is available, use the following command to activate advanced routing features on a DFE System.

Firmware 5.01.58 and higher; config mode; system reset required to activate:
set license advanced

*** License accepted. In order for this change to take effect you must
reset the system.

[/code]Firmware 4.x and lower; router mode; activated immediately:
begin router [i]
set router [i]
router [i]
config t
license advanced
. . .
. . .remainder of router configurations
. . .

[/code]The "no" form of this command disables advanced routing features:
[ set ] no license advanced

[/code]If an Advanced Routing License key is configured on your DFE System, it will display in the 'show running-config' command output. It may also be specifically displayed using the following command:
show license

  • With firmware 5.42.10 and lower, up to two router instances per DFE System are supported; and with firmware and higher, one instance is supported (9430).
  • With firmware and higher, and 256MB of memory (possibly requiring a DFE-256MB-UGK upgrade) on all switches in the chassis, TWCB/WebCache (7110) and NAT are supported.
  • With firmware 6.xx.xx and higher, N-EOS-L3 functionality will be software-enabled in "Diamond" switches (ship with 256MB memory) without the need to apply a license in the cli.
  • With firmware 5.41.25 and higher, N-EOS-L3 functionality is software-enabled on the 2G4082-25 (ships with 256MB of memory) without the need to apply a license in the cli (1436).
  • With firmware 4.00.50 and higher, a DFE-256MB-UGK 256MB memory upgrade is required on any "Platinum" or "Gold" switches that are hosting the PIM and/or LSNAT routing features.
  • With firmware 4.x and lower, after applying the license it will be necessary to issue a 'write file' command (5386) to prevent the license from being lost upon reboot.
  • The installed amount of SDRAM - memory - per slot module is visible in the output of the 'show system hardware' command (1563).
  • PIM-DM is not presently supported in firmware. Firmware 4.11.12 release notes state, in the "KNOWN RESTRICTIONS AND LIMITATIONS" section: Protocol Independent Multicast - Dense Mode (PIM-DM) is not supported in this release. This feature will be addressed in a future release.

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