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G/C/B-Series f/w 6.42 with PCIMEM / DGSR / PEX / _soc errors in log and not Operating Correctly

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G-Series, firmware through
C5-Series, firmware through
C3-Series, firmware through
B5-Series, firmware through
B3-Series, firmware through

Unit is not fully stable.
Possibly dropping from (Cx/Bx) stack ("EDB Callback: Unit Leave").

Errors seen in a 'show support' and in the current.log (5487), of the following types:<160>Jun 7 00:58:06 SIM[66576640]: hwutils.c(4081) 81 %%
Unit 0 DMA regs:PCIMEM_START(0x00082012) SBUS_START(0x04273210) ENTRY_CNT(0x07a05000)
CFG(0x00001000) SBUS_ADDR(0x0004011c)
<160>Jun 7 00:58:06 SIM[66576640]: hwutils.c(4084) 83 %%
MPC85xx DMA/PCI register dump
<160>Jun 7 00:58:06 SIM[66576640]: hwutils.c(4103) 85 %%
DGSR(0x00000000) ERR_DR(0x80000040) ERR_ATTRIB(0x001fa001) ERR_ADDR(0x00000000)
ERR_EXT_ADDR(0x00000000) ERR_DL(0x00000000) ERR_DH(0x00000000)
<160>Jun 7 00:58:06 SIM[66576640]: hwutils.c(4119) 87 %%
1:PEX_ERR_DR(0x00000000) PEX_ERR_CAP_STAT(0x00000000) PEX_ERR_CAP_R0(0x00000000)
PEX_ERR_CAP_R1(0x00000000) PEX_ERR_CAP_R2(0x00000000) PEX_ERR_CAP_R3(0x00000000)
<160>Jun 7 00:58:06 SIM[66576640]: broad_hpc_drv.c(2689) 93 %%
_soc_xgs3_mem_dma: L2_ENTRY.ipipe0 failed(NAK), unit 0[/code]Solution
Upgrade to firmware or higher.
Release notes state, in the 'Firmware Changes and Enhancements' section:
Addressed a system hang and reset which was accompanied by messages similar to "broad_hpc_drv.c(2689) 30 %% _soc_xgs3_mem_dma: L2_ENTRY.ipipe0 failed(NAK), unit 1" and "hwutils.c(4178) 39 %% MPC85xx DMA/PCI register dump".

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