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G/C3/B3-Series with "CBP cell CRC errors detected" Syslog messages

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G-Series, C3-Series, B3-Series

"<count> CBP cell CRC errors detected on SoC unit 0" messages appear in Syslog, 'show logging buffer', and 'show support'.
After the first message appearance, bridging/routing gets progressively slower, so poor network performance may be the first symptom noted.
The system may eventually crash.

Here is an example of such a message:<162>Nov 3 21:04:25 UNKN[119539480]: broad_system.c(3961) 2266 %%
2 CBP cell CRC errors detected on SoC unit 0[/code]
Please contact the GTAC for assistance.

Workaround: Power-cycling the switch will resolve the symptoms, short-term.

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