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G/C5/B5/B3 f/w Reboots in "Task tEmWeb" after setting SNMPv3 User

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G-Series, firmware through
C5-Series; firmware through;,
B5-Series; firmware through;,
B3-Series, firmware through

Adjusted SNMPv3 user credentials ('set snmp user...').

Unit rebooted.

The current.log (5487) reset diagnostic notifies of "Task tEmWeb" suspension, followed by last switch reset cause "Fault(0x00001100)"; for example:
<160>Oct 22 17:48:16 SIM[139742728]: hwutils.c(7536) 83 %%
ERROR:Code exception:Watchdog no longer being serviced.
Task tEmWeb(0x75cb340) is suspended with error 2, creating file sysDmp2Oct2212.z
<57> OCT 22 17:48:57 2012 STK1 BOOT[268430624]: bootos.c(1360) 80 %%
Start of Code - Build: Date:Wed Jul 25 18:46:32 2012
<110> OCT 22 17:49:59 2012 STK1 BOOT[137663712]: edb_bxs_api.c(778) 82 %%
Last switch reset caused by Fault(0x00001100) SRR0(0x00C299FC) SRR1(0x2000B030)
DMISS(0x646E6540) IMISS(0x00000000) DAR(0x00000000) DSISR(0x00000000)[/code]The sysDmp (13650) file states "Task Name: tEmWeb" and displays a "cli_snmpBackEnd_snmpUserSet" diagnostic; for example:
Detailed exception task information

Calling Stack:
Task ID: 0x75cb340
Task Name: tEmWeb
PC: 0xc299fc
PendQ: 0x31f090c
SP: 0x75c7c80

0xc299fc: osapiFree_track (0xc295f4) + 0x408
0xec59dc: FreeOctetString (0xec5944) + 0x98
0xeb80f4: ManageUserEntry (0xeb7190) + 0xf64
0xef3578: cli_snmpBackEnd_snmpUserSet (0xef325c) + 0x31c
0x792bb4: commandSetSnmpUser (0x7924cc) + 0x6e8
0x92c640: ewsCliData (0x92a880) + 0x1dc0
0x926fb0: ewaNetTelnetData (0x9266dc) + 0x8d4
0x92cfb8: ewsTelnetParse (0x92cca4) + 0x314
0x938208: ewsParse (0x937648) + 0xbc0
0x92eb04: ewsRun (0x92e9cc) + 0x138
0x946a3c: tEmWeb (0x94699c) + 0xa0
0x1235464: vxTaskEntry (0x1235408) + 0x5c[/code]Solution
Upgrade to 6.61 firmware or higher.
For the C5/B5, also fixed in firmware and higher.

See also: 12664.

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