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G-Series Power Supply shows Green AC LED but no DC LED

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Recently received and installed new unit with multiple power supplies.

When connecting the power supplies up at separate times, only the initial power supply will completely come up with both a Green AC and DC LED. The second unit shows a Green AC LED, but no DC LED.

Please contact Enterasys Networks Technical Services for assistance.

Power up both power supplies at the same time, and both power supplies will show the correct LED status. This is only a temporary workaround in that if power is lost to one of the power supplies and then restored, it will come back up in a failed, non-redundant state (Green AC LED, no DC LED).

When in this non-redundant state, reseating the failing power supply with the power cord connected should return the unit to a redundant power status.

Also, hard power cycling the unit will restore correct redundancy status.

See also: 14504.

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