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How can I get Firmware for Enterasys Hardware Products?

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Firmware for Enterasys hardware products
Sign up for notification of firmware releases
Download firmware from web
Purchase a service contract
Create an Extranet account
Purchase firmware

Have a valid Extranet account
Do not have an Extranet account
Do not know username
Do not know password
Cannot remember password
Cannot access firmware download library
Cannot get firmware off the web
Bounced back to login screen

Sign up for firmware release notification at: http://sweval.enterasys.com/notify/.
Get firmware for hardware products at: http://extranet.extremenetworks.com/downloads/.

Unlike the system in place prior to January 2011 in which some files are locked (indicated by a blue padlock icon) and some links are unlocked (indicated by a green square icon), on the Extranet the user will only see files which are either unlocked or covered under service contract.

Much of the current firmware and patch release notes are unlocked and available to any requestor, regardless of their hardware entitlement.

The general policy for firmware and patch images is that they are available...
  • to all customers holding a service contract for the product. If you have opened a self-service Extranet account tied to your contract, you may do the downloads yourself. Otherwise, please contact the GTAC for assistance.
  • on behalf of SecureStack and sister products, having Limited Lifetime Replacement. Please contact the GTAC for assistance.
  • on behalf of product (including the Matrix V2, having Limited Lifetime Repair) which is still within the Repair Hardware Warranty period; if the product needs to be upgraded to the firmware image in effect as of the purchase date, or the product has an issue known to be fixed in later firmware. Please contact the GTAC for assistance.
  • to otherwise non-entitled customers who wish to purchase it. Please contact the GTAC for pricing and procedural assistance.
If you wish to purchase a ("SupportNet") hardware service contract , contact your authorized Enterasys Partner or Reseller. If you do not know who that is, contact the GTAC for assistance.

If you have a hardware contract but have not yet opened a self-service Extranet account, please consider doing so. An Extranet account is the base from which a number of useful functions may be performed, among them being firmware download. You can open one yourself very simply. You should then be able to download secured firmware for products under service contract.
Note: Prior to January 2011, secured firmware download was accomplished via a Lancare Web account.

If you are having problems with your Extranet account, contact the GTAC for assistance.

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