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How should DFE 'rtr' Ports be treated?

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Rtr ports appear

Router port ("rtr.<slot>.1") instances are virtual "hooks" where Layer3 interfaces are tied to Layer2 VLANs:
  • Upon creation of a router instance, a 'clear vlan egress 1 rtr.<router slot>.1' command will appear in a 'show config' output.
  • Upon creation of a routed interface, a 'rtr.<router slot>.1' listing for VLAN-tagged egress will appear in a 'show vlan' output for that interface's VLAN.
  • Any Router ports will also appear in a 'show port vlan' output for VLAN 1.
These facts are frequently useful in deducing the presence and general structure of one or more router instances on the DFE System.

Further, a 'show port status' in switching mode indicates that Router ports operate at "10.0M" and a 'show interface' in router mode indicates that for each interface "The bandwidth is 10000 Mb/s".

Router ports may be referenced in port (VLAN Egress, PVID) manipulation commands. No error is generated, but be aware that configuration has no effect on the operation of the Router ports. Because the result can be misleading to someone reviewing the configurations, making a Router port the target of a configuration command should be avoided.

In other words; if they appear in (among other places) the output of a 'show vlan static', or appear as other than VLAN 1 in a 'show port vlan' command, the manual configurations which triggered these appearances may be 'clear'ed with no effect other than a simplification of the configuration.

Regarding Router port VLAN-tagged status, this has no bearing on the tagging behavior of egressed frames, which is dependent upon the VLAN configuration of the egressing ethernet ports/LAGs.

Regarding Router port operational speed, they are virtual ports that operate at ingress/egress port operational speed for hardware-programmed flows, and otherwise at CPU speed. Any statement otherwise is, at best, misleading.

See 5283 for more about the 'show' commands.

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