How to Clear a SecureStack Configuration to Factory Defaults

  • 18 November 2013
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Clear to factory defaults

This information is paraphrased from the SecureStack C2 Configuration Guide.

One of two cli (5463) command forms may be used to clear the configuration to factory defaults.

  • The 'clear config' command clears configuration parameters without clearing stack unit IDs. This command will not clear stack parameters and avoids the process of re-numbering the stack.
C2(su)->clear config[/code]
  • The 'clear config all' command clears all configuration parameters, including stack unit IDs, and switch priority values, management history, and SNMPv3 EngineID.
C2(su)->clear config all[/code]
With any version C3 or B3 firmware, C2 firmware 3.03.27 and higher, B2 firmware 3.00.14 and higher, and A2 firmware 1.02.12 and higher; the 'clear config' and 'clear config all' commands retain the configured host IP address. To clear just the host IP address, see 5692.
Note2: The 'clear config' and 'clear config all' commands retain any B3 or B2 Policy licenses. Only the 'clear license featureId...' command can clear applied licenses.
Note3: Configuration parameters (including the IP address) and stacking information can also be cleared on the master unit only by selecting option 10 from the boot menu on device startup (5476, "Resetting the admin Password, method 2" section). This selection will leave stacking priorities on all other units.

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