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How to Recover Web Services Configuration on a Failed NAC Gateway

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To aid in preparation for disaster recovery, Netsight Console's main database should periodically be backed up and placed in a safe location. In addition, another file (or files, if there is more than one NAC Gateway) that relates to Web Services should also be backed up. These file(s) are saved automatically each time a Web deployment is performed from within Network Access Control (NAC) Manager, and are located in the Netsight server's user home directory:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\NetSight\NACMgr\WebServicesConfig.xml_backup_10.20.50.20
    ...where in this example is the IP address of the NAC Gateway, and Administrator is the user.
In the event of a hard disk failure or unrecoverable hard disk problem on a NAC Gateway, predefined Web Services and MAC Registration Overrides can be re-deployed to a replacement hard disk or replacement NAC Gateway, if the aforementioned Netsight files have been previously saved.

After new replacement hardware or new NAC Gateway have been installed and configured for network access, enforce from NAC Manager to the NAC Gateway. This will sync the MAC Registration Overrides located in NAC Manager to the NAC Gateway.

To recover Web Services that were previously in place, copy the saved XML file(s) to the corresponding NAC Gateway(s) /var/www/htdocs directory, then rename the file to "WebServicesConfig.xml".

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