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How to set up a Serial Console Session for the SecureStack

  • 5 September 2013
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Set up serial console session
Serial console cable
Console pinout
Terminal settings
Default login
Default password

The SecureStacks have a DB9 console port, used for serial management attachment to standalone units or the master unit of a stack. Such sessions can be used to manage/configure the entire stack.

Beginning October 2008, a DB9 female to DB9 female serial cable is included with the purchase of the product. For prior purchases or for use as a spare, part# "SSCON-CAB" may be separately purchased at a price of $15 (US List).

As an alternative to using a SSCON-CAB, components as described in 5301 may be constructed. The hookup between a PC's DB9 COM port and the device's DB9 Console port would be:
COM port => PC adapter => RJ45 straight-through cable => Null Modem adapter => Console port.

Terminal session settings are the typical 9600 / 8 / 1 / none / (no particular flow-control setting specified!); VT100 terminal mode.

The default login ID is "admin", and the default password is (no password).

See also: 5551.
See the SecureStack C2 Configuration Guide, for more background.

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