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I/G/C/B/A-Series f/w Cannot Append a Config to Change Flowcontrol Status

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I-Series, firmware through
G-Series, firmware through
C5-Series; firmware through, through
C3-Series, firmware through
B5-Series; firmware through, through
B3-Series, firmware through
A4-Series; firmware through, through

Attempting to dynamically change the flowcontrol operational status of a unit/stack by means of the 'configure configs/<config-filename> append' command.
In this scenario, the device is running the (default) 'set flowcontrol enable' command and the append file contains the 'set flowcontrol disable' command - or vice versa.

The command editor rejects the operation, with a CLI error message:Not able to execute command 'set flowcontrol' with append option[/code]Solution/Workaround
Upgrade to 6.61 firmware or higher.
Release notes state, in the 'Changes and Enhancements in' section:



Corrected the inability to append to a configuration file that has flow control disabled.

The restriction will now only apply while Advanced Buffer Mode (optimizes system buffer distribution for non-stacking single CoS queue operation) is enabled ('set system advancedbuffermode enable'). This is because while Advanced Buffer Mode is enabled, by design any flowcontrol change will reset not only the port link state but the entire system as well. Enabling and disabling Advanced Buffer Mode itself also by design resets the entire system.

Also fixed as of C5/B5/A4-Series firmware (though not stated in release notes).

Pre-upgrade workaround:
Do not use the 'append' option. The unit will reset onto the new configuration, entirely replacing the old configuration.

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