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I/G/C/B-Series f/w Implementation of "Watchdog" and "Power cycle" Messaging

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I-Series, firmware and higher
G-Series, firmware and higher
C5-Series, firmware and higher
C3-Series, firmware and higher
B5-Series, firmware and higher
B3-Series, firmware and higher

The current.log (5487) displays a "
Watchdog no longer being...
" message; for example...
    <[code]160[/code]>[code]May 10 12:12:02 SIM[108505032]: hwutils.c(8181) 174 %%[/code] [code]Code exception:Watchdog no longer being petted.[/code]
...followed by some type of reset event;


the current.log displays the already-known "
Last switch reset caused by power cycle
" message; for example...
    <[code]110[/code]> [code]May 12 05:13:09 2012 STK1 BOOT[193454160]: edb_bxs_api.c(568) 14 %%[/code] [code]Last switch reset caused by power cycle[/code]
Firmware introduces a new error recoverability feature. From release notes:
A hardware based watchdog timer has been enabled to increase error recoverability. Should the switch enter a hung state where it no longer services the timer, the watchdog will reset the switch without manual interaction.

Two separate elements of this new feature may generate the above-stated messaging:
  • The "[code]watchdog[/code]" message means that prior to collection of sysDmp file data, the watchdog has been disabled to prevent it from possibly prematurely exiting the dump process. This message has no real diagnostic use. [list]
Note that with firmware and higher, the message is now...
ERROR:Code exception:Watchdog no longer being serviced.
  • The "[code]power cycle[/code]" message here means that the cause of the reset was undefined to the message-generating subroutine (5766); but a full diagnosis should be possible from a combination of '[code]show support[/code]' output, full current.log (5487), and sysDmp files (13650) because the reset was initiated by the Watchdog subroutine in response to a perceived stalled condition. However, with the above-stated firmware it is not in all cases obvious whether the message has this additional level of meaning. Contextual clues, in the form of surrounding messaging, will be helpful.
Given their respective meanings, both message types will not be seen in the same event.

Functions as Designed (FAD).

Ignore the "
" message, and consider this new possibility when interpreting the "
power cycle
" message.

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