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I/G/C3/B3-Series Upgrade from pre-6.42 directly to 6.61+ can Lose Configs

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I-Series, firmware and lower
G-Series, firmware and lower
C3-Series, firmware and lower
B3-Series, firmware and lower

Upgraded from pre-6.42 firmware directly to 6.61 or higher firmware.

Some or all of the configuration has been lost.

For the I, G, C3, and B3-Series products, the special upgrade guidelines presented in 14480 assume that the upgrade starting point is somewhere in the 6.42 firmware line.

Version 6.61.xx.xxxx release notes state, in the 'Installation and Configuration notes' section:
WARNING: Direct firmware upgrades to 6.61 from 6.03 (and previous) images may result in the loss of some configuration. It is recommended to upgrade to 6.42 prior to loading 6.61. Alternatively the configuration may be saved to a file and reloaded after upgrade.

Functions as Desired (FAD), though note that configuration loss is much less likely if the upgrade is to firmware or higher.
Release notes state, in the 'Changes and Enhancements in' section:
17046 Addressed potential loss of configuration when upgrading image from 6.03.

Automated configuration modification during upgrade to 6.61 or higher firmware is not guaranteed when the firmware starting point is or lower. Thus, reliably upgrading these products from very old to very new firmware requires a two-stage "old->6.42->new" upgrade process. One example of this is an upgrade from to, then from to

To save time, the user may as desired - assuming either a simple or unimportant configuration - perform a conventional single upgrade operation, but then should double-check the config when complete. It is not guaranteed that a saved pre-6.61 config may be successfully loaded onto a 6.61+ system, so as a worst-case scenario assume that any post-upgrade config corrections will need to be applied manually.

See also: 14942.

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